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Jolly Phonics Cards

₹ 2,708

Four sets of flashcards in one box, suitable for whole-class use


Price: Rs.2708

With Vat: Rs.2708


Pages: Four sets of flashcards in a single box.

Size: Box size – 180x125x110mm



Product Description

Set 1 – 60 Letter sound flashcards covering the 42 letter sounds plus the alternative spellings of the vowel sounds.

Set 2 – 88 Regular word blending cards. Dots under each sound help children to blend the sounds into words.

Set 3 – 80 Alternative word blending cards with the alternative spelling of vowels. Dots under each sound also remind children that two letters can make one sound.

Set 4 – 72 Tricky word cards. Numbered in recommended teaching order.


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